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Deterministic Protocol Buffers Serialization

8 January 2017 in software

Protocol Buffers are amazingly useful, even if they aren’t the fastest serialization format on the block. Surprisingly though, they lack one important feature: deterministic serialization. Fortunately, there’s a simple hack to get around this.

Comparing Program Versions in POSIX Shell

23 April 2014 in posix

Comparing version strings in POSIX shell - not as easy as you might think.


12 July 2013 in projects

xeno is a simple command line application for editing files and folders on a remote machine using your local text editor.

Reading and Parsing USB GPS Data in C with NmeaLib

19 September 2008 in hardware

I’m currently working on a project that requires GPS data, and need a way to retrieve data from a USB-based GPS receiver I purchased (a USGlobSat BU-353 USB GPS receiver). Fortunately, most GPS receivers, particularly USB ones, support the NMEA 0183 protocol.

How to Monitor Parallel Port Interrupts in User Space in Linux

16 September 2008 in hardware

For a 40+ year old technology, the parallel port can be a surprisingly useful device for interfacing your computer with external devices.